Cyprus Symposium Night

Cyprus Symposium Night

A memorable experience in the authentic culture of Cyprus.

Learn about the island’s traditional food and see all the progress of halloumi and coulouri (traditional bread)making. Have a special aromatic Cyprus coffee until halloumi and coulouri is ready and taste them warm and fresh. Walk around the donkey farm and learn about the olive oil production in the past years and the modern way of nowadays.

Taste all the types and flavours of olives and olive oil. Then watch the donkey milking and learn all the secrets of that amazing super food which you can’t easily find anywhere.

Try the donkey milk products such as a unique liquor, chocolate or cosmetics and feel like Cleopatra.
After all that the fun starts. Enjoy a dinner with the best of village foods such as “Souvla” and “Kleftiko” a lot of wine, live music with bouzouki (Greek music instrument) and dance with the help of the dancing group traditional dances and of course… syrtaki!

This is going to be the most exciting afternoon on the sunny island of Cyprus.

Starts at: 18:00


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