Family Sunday

Vadility: September – May

Every Sunday at Golden Donkeys Farm it’s “Family Sunday”!

Will be two presentations about donkey. At 11:00 and at 15:00. Learn about their characteristics, their history, their habits and most important how to ride them.

After the presentation there will be a tour in the farm and then the donkey safari begins in the fields of Cyprus nature.

Our Bouffet with traditional food opens at 12:30 until 16:00.


Entrance : €4.00 (adults), €2.00 (children)
Entrance + Lunch: €12.00(adults), €6.00 (children)

Donkey Safari: €8.00

FREE ENTRANCE for those who will have lunch from our Bouffet.

Donkey Presentation and the farm tour is FREE for everybody in the farm.

There is as well a coffee shop in the farm.

For more informations and reservations please call at 70000620 and 96790979

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