School excursions

The “Golden Donkeys” suggests wonderful, interactive, school excursions. They aimed at the direct contact of children with the culture and tradition of our country. On the 40 acres of land, are hosted over 150 donkeys, making it the largest in Cyprus. On the left and right of the cobblestone streets, there are ancient olive trees which give the area an olive charm. In fact, one of these dates back more than 1500 years. Here, you will find the Wax Museum with figures who represent traditional trades, some of which are now extinct. In our large roofed hall, we can accommodate up to 150 children. The thematic tours that we recommend are: “Olive the earth’s treasure” and “Life on the farm”.

  1. Olive The Earth’s Treasure (October – February)
    This excursion enables all senses of children since they come in direct contact with all of the oil production process and at the end when leaving, they taste it.
  2. Life on the farm
    Children accompanied by teachers and the caretaker of the farm have the unique opportunity to come into contact with life in nature. They collect eggs from the hen house, they feed the animals, they collect herbs and they see how the milking procedure is done.
  3. The History of the donkey
    Students, will see and understand the usefulness of the sympathetic tetrapod to people’s life, in the old days. With a walk, children will see the Donkey Museum, the “alakati”, the threshing, and the donkeys’ shoemaker.

The story of the donkey is included in both tours.

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