What to see

1385041_782410945219815_7159860152697530843_nDonkey Farm

Today our farm is a home for around 170 donkeys, and each of them has its own name and character. Nowadays, we are the biggest donkey farm in Cyprus and probably, one of the biggest in Europe. The majority of our animals are females, in order to produce milk. Milking is done in a special designed space, in accordance with the requirements of the EU.
Arriving at our farm, you will get a lot of positive impressions and unforgettable emotions: here, you can take a walk on donkeys in the surrounding area, take a picture with the friendly animals and feed them. Our calm atmosphere, will melt away any stress and make you feel completely relax.


golden-houseTraditional House

In our traditional house, time goes many years back .
The beds, the wardrobe, the table, the chairs and the other furniture are very old! Visiting the place is a good experience of knowing the way Cypriots used to live.


13313706_1066181993450097_119048249_oWax museum

At our wax museum, we carefully tried to recreate a traditional Cypriot village life. Here, the traditional coffee house with its regular guests, and the craftsmen, doing their everyday jobs and antiques collected by us bit by bit.

If you want to learn more about the history and culture of Cyprus, then you should visit our museum and you’ll be able to touch the centuries-old history.


13342407_1066185420116421_1335302416_nOlive Mill

Only at our farm you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the old tradition of making olive oil in Cyprus. Right in the center of our village square you will find a huge olive press.
Let’s get acquainted with the process of obtaining olive oil, which is the most noble of vegetable edible fats. Washed and carefully cleared olives are first submitted to a mill, where with the help of heavy millstones (stone or marble) fruits were ground into a homogeneous mass, together with seeds.
Each year, beginning from the start of the harvest (October – January), we are laying the ripe olives to our press and give guests the opportunity to try to participate in the first stage of olive oil production.


d4e752a762363e6d78ad02a09393d8dcPerennial olive trees

On our farm you will see one of the oldest olive trees that exist in Cyprus. Its huge trunk indicates that is about 1500 years. It takes six people to embrace it. It still have olives and with them, we make extra virgin olive oil with a unique aroma and flavour.

Sit under its shade and let your imagination travel back many centuries, when this region, the “Memila”, was full of life and the donkeys was going and coming back loaded with whatever was produced from the fields of residents.

13318808_1066209340114029_867794785_nBotanical gardens

Walking through the stone streets of the farm, just look right and left and you will see herbs everywhere. If you touch them, they will reward you with their wonderful scent. Lavender, rosemary, thyme, oregano, mint and basil, make every step of yours a fragrant experience.



The small chapel built of stone is located in the centre of the farm. It is dedicated to the Virgin and we have called it Virgin of Memilon, since the area that is built the farm is called Memila. It belongs to the parish of Skarinou and is ideal for mysteries. (Marriage-Baptism).

It is open daily. You can light your candle and enjoy the profound peace that gives you peace of mind.




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